3 in 1 Dog Enrichment Chew Toy - Brain Train/Hydro Toy/Toothbrush - Be Well with Maeve

Toothbrush Toy Yellow and Cyan

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3 in 1 Dog Enrichment Chew Toy - Brain Train/Hydro Toy/Toothbrush - Be Well with Maeve

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Toothbrush Toy Yellow and Cyan

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3 in 1 Dog Enrichment Chew Toy - Brain Train/Hydro Toy/Toothbrush

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Introducing a fantastic 3-in-1 enrichment toy that you won't want to be without! This multi-purpose chew stick is perfect for aggressive chewers, restless minds and eager eaters! It's designed to develop a healthy mind and body in three fun, stimulating ways:

  • Self-Brushing Toothbrush Toy: Take your dog's dental hygiene to the very next level. The more they chew, the healthier their gums and teeth will be! Apply toothpaste for the added bonus of brushing whilst they chew.
  • Slow-Release Chew Toy Dispenser: The perfect boredom buster for a rainy day. Insert treats inside the holes, sit back and watch as your dog processes how to extract them! Great for mental stimulation. 
  • Floating Hydro/Water Toy: Dog's love chasing after this floating toy in the water! Whether part of a rehabilitation session or just for fun, this toy is great for physical stimulation. 

Our dog toys are durable and designed to last, so you can rest assured that they will provide long-lasting fun for you and your dog. 

We hope your dog loves this product as much as we do! If you have any questions, visit the 'Contact uspageon our website or email customersupport@smithreddieuk.co.uk. 

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    15 cmYellow/CyanBite Resistant Rubber

  • FAQS

    Do dog toothbrush toys work?

    Yes! Most dogs aren't too keen on waiting around whilst you brush their teeth. In fact, it typically ends up as a battle of the wills; whilst you are trying to hold their mouth still enough to clean, they are more interested in chewing the toothbrush! That's why the 3-in-1 dog toothbrush toy is so effective. It is a self-brushing toy that cleans their teeth and gums whilst they play.  

    Whilst they gnaw away, the rubber chew toy is cleaning their mouth in three specific ways:

    1. Outer dental-shaped 'nubs' massage the gums, stimulates the blood flow and removes dead skin cells and bacteria.
    2. Bite-resistant rubber grooves scrapes away plaque and tartar.
    3. Internal grooves brush their teeth so they are cleaner, whiter and healthier.

    By regularly chewing this toy, not only will your pet's dental hygiene will be improved, but their breath, too!

    By giving my dog a chew toy, am I encouraging them to chew other (unwanted) items?

    No! t's a common misconception that by giving your dog something to chew, you are proactively training destructive behaviours. In reality, it'll more likely reduce the likelihood of your dog chewing your slipper or your table leg. Dogs often chew because they are bored, attention seeking, anxious, or simply exploring their surroundings.  By giving them a safe object to chew, you are instead setting boundaries and promoting healthy chewing habits. 

    Go one step further and add treats into the toy. By interacting with your dog, encouraging them to work out how to dispense the treats, and praising them when they succeed, you will alleviate such boredom and their attention-seeking habits, reducing their desire to chew elsewhere in the house. 

    How can I use water toys in a hydrotherapy session?

    Like humans, dogs benefit hugely from swimming. Hydrotherapy can improve a dog's balance, tone, stamina, and strength all without putting to much stress on their joints. 

    Whether you are teaching your puppy to swim for the very first time, exercising your senior dog, or just want to have a bit of fun, floating toys are a great motivational tool. By throwing them across the pool, you can encourage your dog to focus their minds on the task at hand, rather than the body of water around them. As they don't sink, they are also a great way to train retrieval skills for dogs who prefer to paddle on the surface. 

    You can increase the stimulation that your pet experiences while swimming by joining them in the water and playing together. Floating toys are a great way to get the whole family involved and can provide hours of endless entertainment. 


    "High quality products and amazing customer service. You can feel the passion and warmth of the couple who run this business and it plays through with its unrivalled customer service. Will be recommending to all my fellow dog owners." 

    - Harry, 12/02/21
    "Always a great experience shopping with friends of toby 5* service every time and fast delivery. High quality products too! Will shop again"
    - Shannon, 20/07/21



    Hi, my name is Maeve and I'm so excited to be working in partnership with Friends of Toby. I'm a chartered human physiotherapist who specialises in animal physiotherapy. In addition to working with humans and animals, I am currently completing my masters research project on treatments of dogs and hydrotherapy. 

    I've owned dogs all my life and am a huge advocate of affordable, good quality products that keep your dog happy, healthy and improve their quality of life.

    I love to keep myself and my dogs fit, happy and healthy and I can't wait to talk to you about some products from the Friends of Toby range I've handpicked and hope you'll love them as much as we do.