It’s Coming Home!

It’s Coming Home!

Hi Friends! 

Well what a summer its been so far! Its been so lovely seeing so many of your pups lying on cooling mats in the sun, jumping in water and on staycations across Britain!

Dogs seem to have a sense when anything exciting is going on as well as we do and seeing so many pups dressed up in England bandanas and shirts has made me smile so much! I think we’re going to win.... Maybe the key to it all has been all the pre game superstitious rituals and the good luck from our pups watching with us...!

(Don’t forget to take advantage this week of the discount code ITSCOMINGHOME for 15% off as an extra treat!)

We have now launched all our high summer lines and thank you once again for all the support in shopping, sharing and posting! It’s been great to hear what else you’ll want to see from us next summer too, cooling vests seemed to be the most common wish so I promise we’ll have them next summer!

We’ve also started our first of what I hope to be many digital lines. There is so much technology out there that dogs are benefiting from that can support their health and wellbeing as well as just for fun! Our first product is the digital 2 in 1 portion control bowl so check It out!

We’re already thinking about winter so let me know if there’s any thing in particular you couldn’t get last year! 

I’m really excited that we will be announcing new partnerships this month with other small businesses. As we move through the rest of this year we should be selling well over 100 lines and working with numerous, fantastic individuals and small businesses, helping brands grow and giving you all more choice of product for your pups! And any small businesses wanting to partner up, please get in touch! 

Our very popular health range ‘Be Well with Maeve’ will have some very exciting up dates to it come autumn as well...!

So thank you as always, we really are so grateful to have so much love and support and I cannot keep thanking you enough. Please keep telling me what else you want to see in our online store! Perhaps most importantly tonight though, get behind England!

It’s coming home!

Jon, Founder - Friends of Toby