Thank you to all the friends who helped make this happen!

Thank you to all the friends who helped make this happen!

It’s been a very exciting first few days since launching on Wednesday - thanks to all our new friends who've visited our page, shopped with us or have started following us on social media!

I’m sitting on the train heading back into London for the weekend and looking out at beautiful, snow covered fields that are glistening in the winter sun! 

I’m reflecting on what’s been the craziest, busiest few months of my life working towards launching Friends of Toby and feeling extremely grateful for everyone who has helped along the way.

So here is a thank you to all of them and I hope I don’t leave anyone out!

First of all thank you to Naomi, my partner who has been by my side every step of the way. We’ve spent months sitting opposite each other at the kitchen table during lockdown working away in our respective jobs! I can’t tell you how much inspiration, confidence and support to help shape what you see here today I have taken from Naomi and I am so lucky to have such a wonderful person to spend my life with.

Thank you to Toby and his dog parents, Sophie and Richy, and Boris and his parents, Faye and James. The wonderful dogs and our family who have provided so much inspiration (and modelled) along the way!

We have a fantastic partnership with the amazing Maeve who has been instrumental in selecting the best products for our health range, ‘Be Well’. Her expertise as a physiotherapist specialising in animals has meant we can be confident our customers are getting the best product for their pet, so thank you for all you've done for us! 

The wonderful photos you see are the work of photographer Lisa and, believe it not, it’s not even her full time job! Lisa runs the brilliant dog walking service ‘Take the Lead’ and managed to do a photo shoot whilst walking her many dogs! Thanks also to Lisa’s wonderful mum who helped keep the models well behaved!

Thanks to Immy who I nicknamed our head of Digital Marketing. Immy’s superb talents created the brand look and feel you see here and on socials.

I have to thank our friends, Josh, Jack, Paul and Claire at the Storage Place, our product fulfilment centre. All the team at Shopwired who have helped design the website. Our wonderful accountant Berni who keeps me in check! Of course thanks to our suppliers Cathy, Albert and Evy who it’s been a pleasure working with and can‘t wait to work with them long-term to bring you more amazing products!

Last but absolutely no means least. Thanks to our family and friends who have believed in us and supported every step of the way. Rod who has been a constant support, believer and source of innovation. Helen who we have spent many months with this summer and has kept us fed, watered and always on hand for supportive advice, Nicola and Graham (Mum and Dad) who have helped me bring this to life and provided feedback and helpful tips through out and let me work out of their home for a few months. Finally, all our friends, you know who you are, who have supported emotionally and physically!

So thanks to every one who has been there and thank you to all of you reading this, our wonderful new friends who we hope keep shopping regularly with us!


Founder - Friends of Toby.