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Dog Licky Mat

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A fast growing trend amongst dog owners! Lick Mats are a fantastic alternative to traditional dog bowls. Like snuffle mats and slow feeder bowls, they are brilliant enrichment toy that encourages slower feeding, aids digestion and reduces digestive health problems later in life. 

Keep your pup entertained for hours by spreading their favourite treat over the mat's textured surface - perfect as an intellectual stimulant on rainy days! As an added bonus, the suction pads allow you to stick the lick mat to the side of a bath or shower tiles, meaning you can use it as a distraction toy during bath time! 

Lightweight and dishwasher friendly, lick mats are incredibly simple to clean; perfect to use over and over again! 

We hope your dog loves this product as much as we do! If you have any questions, visit the 'Contact us' page on our website or email

    Diameter 20cmOrange/Red/Blue/GreenSilicone - Dishwasher proof

  • FAQS

    What is a lick mat? 

    Lick mats are small rubber mats designed with a maze of grooves and indents that lock in wet dog food and soft treats (i.e. peanut butter, mashed banana). The textured surface prevents dogs from swallowing their food too quickly, instead encouraging them to lick up their food. 

    Why are lick mats beneficial for dogs? 

    There are several benefits to using lick mats to feed your dog. As the name suggests, these feeding mats encourage your dog to eat more slowly by encouraging them to lick their food, rather than gulp or chomp it down. 

    Repetitive licking releases pleasure endorphins in a dog’s brain, which alleviate stress and can be used as a fantastic calming toy or positive distraction in otherwise stressful situations. Thanks to their suction pads which allow them to be stuck onto bathroom tiles, they have become increasingly popular at bath time. 

    Last but not least, they are a fantastic enrichment toy! Lick mats transform mealtimes into a mentally stimulating and rewarding game. Food-motivated dogs become fixated on licking up the last trapped morsels, which staves off boredom on rainy days. Not only do they stimulate your dog’s taste-buds, but their brains, too! 

    Not sure what to spread on a licky mat? Here are some of our customers' favourite tasty treats! 

    Natural Peanut Butter, Pumpkin Purée, Veggie Purée , Wet dog food, Plain Greek Yoghurt, Cottage Cheese, Mashed Banana, Honey, Frozen Treats, Tuna....Let us know what you use by uploading an image of your licky mat and tagging us on Instagram @friends_of_toby. 

    "Quick delivery and Cooper loves his licking mat. Actually bigger than I thought. Thanks."
    - Cooper, 29/07/21
    "Love this company! Easy to use website and lovely to interact with."
    - Lisa, 30/09/21
    "Good quality products at great prices. Quick dispatch also. Would definitely recommend and I will be ordering again!"
    - Cara, 25/09/21



    Back in August 2020 Naomi and I decided we wanted to do more of what we love! We love animals and in particular dogs and it felt the right time for us to start a brand dedicated to helping find great products for people like you who have the same passion for dogs as us!

    We are a couple who live in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, having just moved up from London. A new home and a new business are two of the most exciting things and we’re so grateful to have the opportunity to be here.

    Thank you for visiting our page and shopping with us. Please tell your friends and family about us if you have enjoyed your experience.

    Jon & Naomi - Founders Friends of Toby.