DOG LICKY MAT - Friends of Toby


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DOG LICKY MAT - Friends of Toby

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A great way to eat and play, with a health benefit too! Fantastic Enrichment for your dog!

Licky Mats are another fast growing trend amongst dog owners. They provide entertainment for your pup as they enjoy getting every last bit of food up from the grooves and it‘s a great way to feed them delicious soft treats!

Just as slow feeder bowls and snuffle mats are fantastic in slowing down eating to aid digestion, licky mats can have the same affect!

Lightweight and soft so easy for you to transport as well when you’re out and about this summer and are dishwasher safe for an easy clean!

Here are some of our customers favourite things to spread on their lucky mats! Natural peanut butter, Pumpkin purée, Veggie purée, Wet dog food, Plain Greek yoghurt, Cottage cheese, Mashed banana, Honey, Frozen treats, Tuna and the list could have gone on for hours!


Diameter 20cm