Miss George

Hi, I'm Miss George,

I Live in Surrey with Lulabelle, my six year-olf chestnut Thoroughbred and Mildred, my very sweet (but very naughty) Jack Russell puppy. The book idea was born when a friend of mine bought a foal - Mouse. I gave her a human baby book to record all of Mouse's first experiences and to store the many hundreds of photos that were accumulating.

We had such fun filling the baby book in (over a few glasses of wine) I thought why isn’t this a thing? It really should be a thing! So I set about creating my own version of a horsey baby book – and My New Pony Book was born.

I have lots of scattered photos of myself on ponies growing up, and vague memories of my pony Nutmeg and the adventures we had. I would have loved to have had a My New Pony Book back then so I could have noted down all the adventures we had together, such as her coming into the kitchen for birthday cake, or that time I ended up with absolutely filthy jodhpurs when Nutmeg shook me off in a potato field.

Following the success of My New Pony Book and because Mildred was feeling left out I have now created My New Puppy Book.

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